Frequently asked questions

Yes, yes and yes! Especially the Monday course “Yoga & Stretch” in Dornbirn is very start-friendly. The motto is: step by step, patience and believe in yourself. The exercises can be individually adapted to each participant and are therefore suitable for all and (also for advanced) Of course, I also support you in this.
Keep in mind that as soon as you feel pain, no matter what sport, you cross your personal physical limit. Anything that doesn’t cause pain, but still challenges you and does you good, brings you closer to your individual streaking goal. In my courses, I pay particular attention to the fact that every participant is neither over- or underwhelmed. Cozy stretching, where you feel absolutely nothing, brings you just as little forward as too intense, painful stretching. Here body feeling (keyword: balance!) is especially important and you will learn this at Boho. What is unhealthy is nothing to do for a lifetime.
Of course! The courses are suitable for both women and men. Stretchability forms the basis of most sports and should therefore be incorporated into the training.
All you need is comfortable clothes, something to drink and a yoga mat. Most importantly, positive energy 🙂 because a pleasant atmosphere is characteristic of boho.
Open Level: You want to improve your stretchability, still let your soul dangle and go home relaxed? Then this course is made for you! This course is open to all levels and stretches the whole body from neck to toe.

Advanced Level: Am Mittwoch biete ich einen reinen Stretching Kurs an, der für all jene geeignet ist, die ihre schon vorhandene Beweglichkeit intensivieren wollen. Hier liegt der Fokus auf Spagat, Backbending und Co. Wir arbeiten mit aktiven, passiven, statischen sowie dynamischen Dehnübungen (mehr dazu bei Punkt 9). Auch skills wie Brückenvariationen, Needlescale, Ellbowstand und mehr werden in diese Stunde miteinbezogen.

No! It’s never too late to do good to your body! My participants are between 14 and 77 years old. Practice has proven it: no matter how old you are, progress is clearly visible to every participant!
The more regularly you participate, the faster and bigger you will achieve. With 1x stretches per month, you’re unlikely to make progress. Stretching at least once a week will certainly get you to your goals.
Do you know the 5 pillars of sport? Coordination, speed, strength, stamina and agility! These 5 elements must go hand in hand to achieve success in sport. Furthermore, stretching prevents injury, helps to avoid muscular shortening and makes you more powerful. You will see that your body feels more supple when your stretching is increased and you can practice any sports and everyday situations with more fun, lightness and success.

Dehnen sollte aber nicht mit Aufwärmen verwechselt werden! Während ein Warm Up den Körper warm macht und dich für die jeweilige Sportart vorbereitet, streckt das Dehnen längerfristig Sehnen, Muskeln und Bänder.

The way you stretch and what variants you combine with each other is entirely up to you, your goals and the sport. Varied training as well as setting new stimuli are certainly an advantage.