Frequently asked questions

Boho offers:

  • In studio classes
  • Online classes
  • Private classes (online & in studio)
  • Training for clubs and competitive athletes
  • Online training videos

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Yes, yes and yes! The most important thing is: step by step, patience and believing in yourself. The flexibility and strengthening exercises can be adapted individually on each participant and therefore are suitable for  every one (also for advanced people). Of course, I also support you in this.

No, just come by spontaneously. Attention: Due to holidays, illness and scheduling conflicts, it can always happen that a class is cancelled. So if you plan to drop in without an appointment, it’s worth subscribing to the newsletter to be up to date regarding course information.

All you need is comfortable sports clothing, something to drink and an exercise mat. We work out barefoot or with socks.  Some exercises require yoga blocks and a resistance band which are provided in studio. But most importantly, positive energy 🙂 because a pleasant atmosphere is the main characteristic of Boho.

Boho offers different classes for each level.

Beginner Level: This class is perfect for you if you don’t have any experience in yoga, pole dance, pilates or any other sport that focuses on flexibility. Let your soul dangle and get to know your body with gentle stretching- and strengthening exercises. Start your flexy journey here!

Open Level:
 You want to improve your flexibility, do something good for your body and soul and get challenged? Then this course is made for you! This course is open to all levels and stretches and strengthens the whole body from neck to toe. So if you’re not very experienced yet this class will will help you finding the perfect challenge. Also experienced people will be challenged as I adjust the exercises individually.

Intermediate Level: This class is suitable for those who want to improve and deepen their already acquired flexibility. The focus is every class on another skill: splits, backbending, needle scale, elbow stand and more combined with strengthening exercises.

In all classes we include static, dynamic, active and passive exercises.
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Dance Class: This class is suitable for beginners and for advanced people due to adaption of the choreography to each level. After a warm up and gentle whole body stretch you’ll learn a dance choreography step by step. Lyrical dance is a mixture of modern dance, ballet & acrobatic elements. Try it out and discover the dancer in you!

Keep in mind that as soon as you feel excessive pain, no matter what kind of sport, you exceed your personal physical limit. Anything that doesn’t cause too intense pain, but still challenges, brings you closer to your individual goal. In my courses, I pay particularly attention to the fact that every participant is neither overstrained nor subchallenged. I include a lot of active flexibility training in my program to build up muscles that strengthen and protect your body. Relaxed stretching, where you feel absolutely nothing, brings you just as little forward as too intense, strong painful flexibility training. That’s when your body feeling (keyword: balance!) is especially important. You will learn this at Boho. What is unhealthy is doing nothing for a lifetime.
Of course! The courses are suitable for both women and men. Flexibility forms the basis of most sports and therefore must be incorporated into the training. I also coach soccer teams, body builders and ice hockey players to reach their full potential.
No! It’s never too late to do something good for your body! My participants are between 14 and 79 years old. Practice has proven it: no matter how old you are, progress is clearly visible on every participant!
The more regularly you participate, the faster you will achieve your goals. With 1 class per month, you’re unlikely to make any progress. Stretching at least once a week will certainly get you achieving your goals. Nevertheless, the frequency depends on age, experience, goals and body and therefore should be adapted individually.
Do you know the 5 basic elements of sport? Coordination, speed, strength, stamina and flexibility! These 5 elements must be included in your training to achieve success in sport. Furthermore, stretching prevents injury, helps to avoid muscle shortening, promotes blood flow and strengthens your body. You will see that your body feels more supple when you stretch which will contibute to practicing any sports and everyday situations with more fun, lightness and success.
Stretching shouldn’t be confused with warming up! A warm up prepares your body for a respective sport
, flexibility training lenghtens your tendons, muscles and ligaments in the longer term.
Static stretching: You stay in position, holding the stretch for some breaths.
Dynamic stretching: In contrast to static stretching you don’t stretch the muscle group consistently. You stretch and release it for a few times. It’s important to do that in a controlled way to prevent injuries.
Active stretching: You stretch without any external help and use your own muscle strength to stretch. This stretching variant combines muscle workout and stretching and is therefore very important to include in your program.

Passive stretching: Your muscles are relaxed while an external force (own body weight, equipment, coach etc.) stretches your body.

The way you stretch and which variants you combine with each other is entirely up to you, your goals and the sport. Varied training as well as setting new stimuli are certainly an advantage.

The group class passes can be redeemed in all group classes (in studio & online).