Babies and toddlers amaze us again and again with their mobility. However, with age, this seems to decrease, because of the lack of exercise in everyday life that makes our body rust. It is still possible to recover some of the lost flexibility because it is natural. Boho helps you with flexibility-enhancing exercises that are adapted to each level and includes strenghtening programs – because a flexy body is a strong body.


work out
with heart

A positive, open and warm atmosphere in the courses is the trademark of Boho I really care about. So you can be sure that you will feel comfortable with us. Drop in, convince yourself and become part of the Boho community.


why boho?

Boho, derived from the concept of bohemians, combines self-realization, art, individuality, creativity and freedom those values that are able to overcome social conventions and limitations. Movement is art, it is individual and gives us the opportunity for creative freedom. The individual support as well as the strengthening of the self-confidence of my participants is very important to me. Believe in you. You can create whatever you want because every success starts with just one thought.